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Building a Brick Wall

Pakmix® Mortar Mix is a specially formulated blend of masonry cement and fine sand ideal for use in building and repairing applications.

Tools Needed for Project:

  • Mortar box
  • Hoe
  • Pointed trowel
  • String line
  • Hammer
  • Chisel
  • Level
  • Line blocks
  • Jointer
  • Garden hose
  • Curing cover

Step #1:

Set a stake at each corner of the wall, then stretch a string line to each stake. Mix the Mortar Mix according to the directions on the bag.

Step #2:

Place a layer of the mortar on the footing. Lay the first brick at the corner, bringing the top surface of your brick to the top edge of the string line.

Step #3:

Lay more bricks out from the corner, each brick about 3/8″ apart. Butter one end of the brick generously with Mortar Mix. Keep everything level and follow the string line.

Step #4:

By the second row of bricks, it’s time to replace the corner stakes with line blocks. One block goes on each corner of the wall. Run the string through the block and tie. Then pull snug against the other corner.

Step #5: 

Now start tying into the wall ties so the wall will be stronger. Put mortar below and above the tie, then lay your brick. The rest of the wall is done in the same manner.

Step #6:

When the mortar becomes thumbprint hard, use a jointer tool to seal and finish the mortar between each brick. 

Packaging & Yields:

80lb. bag will lay approximately 65 bricks and a 60lb. bag will lay approximately 50 bricks.

Please Read the Instructions and Warnings on all Packaging