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Anchoring Bolts and Railings

Pakmix® Anchor Cement is a specially formulated blend of cement and other ingredients that expands as it sets.

Tools Needed for Project:

  • Pail for mixing
  • Trowel or putty knife
  • Brush for cleaning

Make a hole, where you want to put the bolt, at least 1″ larger than the diameter of the bolt and at least 2 ” deep. The area needs to be thoroughly cleaned and kept damp. Mix the Anchor Cement to a pourable consistency. Now hold your bolt in place and pour or trowel the cement in place. Using the trowel, force the cement around the bolt.

Suggested Uses:

  • Anchor bolts, hooks, and railings
  • Set posts and poles
  • Seal around pipes and conduit
  • Level concrete before setting machines

Packaging & Yields:

One (1) pound fills approximately 17 cu. in. or will cover an area approximately one (1) sq. ft. 1/8″ thick. Packaged in 10 and 50 lb plastic pails.

Please Read the Instructions and Warnings on all Packaging