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Specialty Products

Concrete Resurfacer

TradeCraft Concrete ResurfacerTradeCraft Concrete Resurfacer is a single component polymer modified cement based formulation developed specifically for the purpose of resurfacing and restoring of Portland cement based concrete. It mixes easily with water, bonds fast, and sets hard giving a new look to worn concrete surfaces.
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Available in:  40lb Bags

Fast Setting Core Fill Grout 

Tradecraft Fast Setting Core Fill GroutTradeCraft Fast Setting Core Fill Grout uses high early strength cement or admixtures to accelerate the set and strength gains when the contractor needs to set and use attachments or anchoring assemblages in short order. 
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Available in:  80lb Bags

Coarse Core Fill Grout 

TradeCraft Coarse Core Fill GroutTradeCraft Coarse Core Fill Grout is manufactured with Portland cement, sand, gravel, and proprietary, chemically engineered admixtures that are shrinkage compensating and insure excellent workability and reduce segregation when placing. It is intended to be used when jobsite requirements are not conducive to mixer truck delivery.
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Available in:  80lb Bags

Fine Core Fill Grout 

TradeCraft Fine Core Fill GroutTradeCraft Fine Core Fill Grout is a blend of cement, pozzolan, sand, and admixtures for narrow structural brick and block. It is ideally suited to be pumped at low pressure through small hoses in a fluid state. It will retain a cohesive state when pumped long distances and placed around structural steel.
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Available in:  80lb Bags

Non Shrink Grout

TradeCraft Non-Shrink GroutTradeCraft Non Shrink Grout is a high strength, general purpose grout for most construction applications at any consistency – drypack, plastic, or flowable.
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It is ideal for:

  • Structural columns               
  • Anchoring                      
  • Machine bases                       
  • Patching                 
  • Highway barriers           
  • Snap tie holes
  • Precast t-joints
  • Mortar joints
  • Bridges
  • Manholes

Available in:  50lb Bags

Fast Setting Self-Leveling Underlayment 

TradeCraft Fast Setting Self Leveling UnderlaymentTradeCraft Fast Setting Self-Leveling Underlayment is a premium blend of Portland cement, polymers, aggregates, and proprietary admixtures designed to:
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  • Provide a smooth and level floor without the labor intensity of hand applied materials
  • Provide a hard surface in 3 to 4 hours
  • When cured provide a finished underlayment that will have similar properties to concrete

Available in:  50lb Bags