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Mortar Mixes

Fast Setting Repair Mortar

TradeCraft Fast Setting Repair MortarTradeCraft Fast Setting Repair Mortar is specially designed to rapidly repair a wide variety of interior or exterior surfaces and features a rapid set time and high early compressive strengths.
Tech Sheet / MSDS

It is designed as a cement patch to rapidly set (10 to 15 minutes) on horizontal surfaces such as:

  • Bridge decks                  
  • Pavements                     
  • Airport runways            
  • Ramps                            
  • Parking garages
  • Industrial plants
  • Warehouse floors
  • Joint repairs

 Available in:  50lb Bags

Stone Mud

TradeCraft Stone MudTradeCraft Stone Mud is a uniquely formulated, pre-sanded masonry mortar ideally suited for a multitude of masonry and stucco applications including setting natural and manufactured stone, laying brick and block, and as a stucco base coat.
Tech Sheet / MSDS

Available in:  60 and 80lb Bags

Type M Mortar

TradeCraft Type M MortarTradeCraft Type M Mortar is a high strength mortar used to lay brick, block, natural flagstones, and tuck point. It is excellent for use as a special underground utility mortar. It can also withstand extended freeze/thaw cycles and the forming of mold and mildew.  Reaches 2,500 psi in 28 days.
Tech Sheet / MSDS

Available in:  80lb Bags

Type N Mortar

TradeCraft Type N MortarTradeCraft Type N Mortar is a sanded masonry mortar formulated for non-structural brick and block construction. It is intended to bond well to low absorption clay and block units, hold a head joint, and it has good water retention and board life with a minimum of shrinkage.  Reaches 750 psi in 28 days.
Tech Sheet / MSDS

Available in:  80lb Bags

Type S Mortar

TradeCraft Type S MortarTradeCraft Type S Mortar is a high strength, structural grade, pre-mixed mortar formulated with cement, lime, sand, or mortar cement. It is ideal for laying brick, block, stone, tuck point, or patching stucco. Reaches 1800 psi in 28 days.
Tech Sheet / MSDS

Available in:  80lb Bags