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Portland Cement

TradeCraft Portland CementTradeCraft Portland Cement is an exceptionally versatile, basic building material suitable for a variety of cement construction applications.
Tech Sheet / MSDS

It can be used in massive structures, as well as common Type I projects such as:

  • Sidewalks               
  • Buildings        
  • Railway structures 
  • Reservoirs              
  • Water pipe              
  • Masonry units
  • Culverts
  • Tanks
  • Bridges
  • Reinforced concrete

 Available in:  94lb Bags

White Portland Cement

TradeCraft White Portland CementTradeCraft White Portland Cement is manufactured so as not to produce the grey color of standard Portland cement. 
Tech Sheet / MSDS

Typical applications include:

  • Precast panels and systems          
  • Stucco                                    
  • Colored masonry                   
  • Ornamental precast                       
  • Cement paints                       
  • Coatings                        
  • Swimming pools
  • Tile grout
  • Terrazzo floors
  • Roofing tiles
  • Masonry units
  • Cast-in-place

Available in:  94lb Bags

Stucco Cement 

TradeCraft Stucco CementTradeCraft Stucco Cement conforms to ASTM C-91 Standard Specification for Masonry Cement Type S and M. It will produce scratch, brown, and finish coat applications per ASTM C-926 Application of Portland Cement Based Plaster.
Tech Sheet / MSDS

Available in:  80lb Bags

Type S & M Masonry Cement

TradeCraft Type S/M Masonry CementTradeCraft High Strength Type S & M Masonry Cement conforms to ASTM C-91 Standard Specification for Masonry Cement and will produce a Type S & M mortar as specified by ASTM C-270 Standard Specification for mortar for unit masonry. It is ideally suited for use in producing masonry mortars for brick, block, tile, stone, and stucco applications.
Tech Sheet / MSDS

Available in: 80lb Bags

Type S Masonry Mortar Cement

TradeCraft Type S Masonry Mortar CementTradeCraft Type S Masonry Mortar Cement conforms with ASTM C-91 Standard Specification for masonry cement as well as ASTM C-1329 Standard Specification for mortar cement.  It conforms with ASTM C-270 for Type S Mortar when mixed with C-144 sand for masonry mortar.
Tech Sheet / MSDS

Available in: 75lb Bags