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Sanded Stucco
TradeCraft Sanded Stucco is a high strength, professional grade, quality, pre-mixed blend of sand, cement, and special chemical admixtures. Simply add water. It is engineered for excellent workability, reduced cracking, and superior strength. Use it on new construction, the restoration and repair of concrete block or brick, and patching. May be used for stucco scratch, brown, and finish coats.

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Available in:  60 and 80lb Bags, 3,000lb Bulk Bags

TradeCraft Sanded Stucco
Vintage Stucco
TradeCraft Vintage Stucco is a professional grade, pre-mixed, white stucco/finish coat. Simply add water. Meets ASTM C-926.


Available in:  60 and 90lb Bags, 3,000lb Bulk Bags