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Blacktop Patch
Pakmix® Blacktop Patch is a ready-to-use mixture of asphalt and graded aggregates ideal for the repair of blacktop surfaces such as driveways, walkways, and parking areas. Blacktop Patch is pre-blended and requires no mixing before use.

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Available in: 50lb Bags

Pakmix Blacktop Patch
Non Shrink Grout
Pakmix® Non Shrink Grout is a scientific blend of non-ferrous admixtures, graded sand, and Portland cement. It is a high strength, general purpose grout for most construction applications at any consistency; drypak, plastic, or flowable.

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It can be used for:

  • Setting structural columns
  • Machine bases
  • Snaptie holes
  • And much more

Available in:  55lb Bags

Pakmix Non Shrink Grout
Precision Non Shrink Grout
Pakmix® Precision Non Shrink Grout is an extended working time grout to be used at a variety of consistencies from drypak to fluidity. It is recommended for grouting of base plates, sole plates, and columns and applications where high one day strengths are required such as anchor bolts, dowels, crane rails, hand rails, or structural grouting. It can also be used in applications where grout needs to be pumped.

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Available in:  50lb Bags

Pakmix Precision Non Shrink Grout
Ideal for Clay or Block Masonry Proprietary Admixtures Provide Better Bond to Masonry Units Perfect for Tight Jobsites and Small Pours

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Pakmix Non Shrink Grout