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Pakmix, Inc.

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Pakmix®, Inc.

Founded in 1980 by a group of packaged concrete manufacturers that offer a complete line of packaged concrete products and related specialty products.

Servicing an Industry Need

Pakmix® is unique in the concrete packaging industry. Our regional, decentralized production capacity enables us to respond to customer needs quickly and efficiently. During peak selling periods when a quick turnaround is essential, Pakmix® delivers in the quantities you need, when you need them.

Quality Control from Plant to Customer

Pakmix® delivers quality. Our products meet ASTM standards, clearly stated on all of our packaging. We provide customer friendly packaging with clear and detailed instructions. Our manufacturing facilities are owner operated. This means you are being supplied by a person who cares about the quality of the products you receive. Attention to quality control combined with commitment to service, makes Pakmix® the preferred supplier among today’s purchasers of concrete.